Asus p9x79 Pro and MSI N570GTX Twin Frozer III SLI

I was near heartbroken when I seen the sparks!

A word of warning for anyone building a system with Asus p9x79 Pro and MSI N570GTX Twin Frozer III SLI.

I won't go to the boring details of why I was back inside the case after a few months of smooth sailing. (Wiring and new HDD)

Here is what happened, I now have 3 HDD's in the lower bay of the Antec 902, the wiring is starting to get crowded, powered on all was fine. Pushed the Lower HDD bay back and ZAPP!!! Shutdown!!

Took me a while to figure out where the fault was.

The Q-Connector on the motherboard for the front panel switches, with everything connected leaves the top row of connectors (on the Q-Connector) naked and exposed.

With the SLI MSI N570GTX Twin Frozer III the second card in PCIe 3.0 slot 4 (slot 5) was so close to touching the naked connectors on the Q-Connector, when I pushed the HDD bay back the crowded wiring nudged the card ever so slightly onto the naked Q-Connectors.

My solution was to ditch the Q-Connector and connect the front bay connector directly to the motherboard, really the Q-Connector is only for reference as a secondary precaution to connect everything correctly.

I like naked stuff but this one was a little too hot for me. Thank the 'earth' that everything is fine. (large sigh of relief, phew)

Later I can post some pics if anyone is interested.
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  1. I wish all boards came with Q-Connectors. Makes for so much easier FP wiring connections. But, as you say, under certain circumstances they can be problematic.
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