Is there any problems with seasonic s12ii 430? As i had

Firstly i struggled with my first build since 2 months. At first my system working fine except a small noice from my iball 400w psu. I have read all over the internet that bad psu's may take parts along with them. So i ordered seasonic S12II 430 .
After replacing with this seasonic.... my system initially restarted several times occasionally, after that its only booting up at the second instance( at first instance all fans are running but no display). I updated bios and checked all things. After some days i figured that my IGPU not enabling if i removed my gpu..(initially worked fine)
So i sent it to intel and they have sent me another dh77eb mobo (which looking cheaper and somewhat older than mine)
but same problem persists with that one thing i was happy about that this time the igpu is working fine..
I replaced this seasonic with the iball 400w and the system booting normally and everythings fine........

Whats the **ing wrong with my 70$(3650rs) seasonic while this (some say junk) 10$ iball working fine .. PLEASE HELP ME TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM....

MOBO intel DH77EB
RAM 8 GB 1333
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  1. But on the second attempt its working flawlessly with that seasonic , All the thing frustrating me is every time i started my system its taking two trails.. (but not after restarting from windows)

    Anyway thanks for ur suggestion
  2. k. i wll check that out
  3. No issue with the power button because its working nice with that iball psu and system booting on first attempt......, I will try to rma it,
    how should i approach them to replace this working seasonic psu( working means its providing power all the day without interruption except the starting issue)
    thanq bouncedk
  4. k. thanks for ur help
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