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my current video card is HIS 4870 and the VGA cooling seems not spinning normal and it gets hot and crash my computer...i will move this card in my other system but i need to get new VGA cooling and i cant find one that it will fit... can you give me some suggestions

-so its time for me to get new video card soon which one you recommend..i would stick XFX or maybe gigabyte 7850

is this card 7850 good for another 2-3 years.. im playing BF3
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  1. I recommend you get the Sapphire 7850. Sapphire, according to me, is the best Radeon manufacturer out there. It's SO easily to OC a Sapphire card and also, it's amazingly quiet.

    OC Edition -

    Non-OC Edition (Still OCs crazy, don't worry) -
  2. updated:


    i had 2 cards with HIS and its good so i feel want to try new brand card

    -i heard that XFX is good and never hear anything special about sapphire but reviews said its good..


    what about VGA cooling for my HIS 4870 that it will fit well
  3. XFX is good. But not that good. People choose Sapphire/Gigabyte over XFX. XFX used to be SO famous. Not much now.

    If I were you, I'd go for the sapphire.
  4. I had a xfx 5770 that I purchased about 3 years ago now. About half a year ago I open the case up to find the reason for extreamly high video card temps was because the case for the card had somehow fallen off,it was plastic.
    Got a Msi twinfrzr 2gig 7850 and it's a metal casing and it feels and appears much sturdier well also having 2 fans.
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