My new build will not boot to bios

I just built my first pc and it will not display anything on the monitor. I have a green light on my mother board all of my fans are working and I have my ram installed what can i do next?
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  1. try connecting to a different monitor. Use a different cable. Connect to the motherboard. Try removing the gpu. Those are my ideas.
  2. Please post your specs.
  3. here are a few things to try

    1) Update bios(if possible)
    2) Clear Cmos (don’t forget to unplug the computer from the wall and let it sit for few minutes, if you don’t have a jumper than remove the battery make sure the computer is unplugged and let it for about10 minutes before putting the battery back in)
    3) Check your psu
    4) Make sure your computer is hooked up correctly
    5) Run memtest(if possible)
    6) Run Burnintest (if possible)
    7) If all else fails then try a gpu, Ram, or psu from another computer
    Hope this helped! :D
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