Flash & Flicker with a GTX-570 in Photoshop

I just installed a GeForce GTX-570video card and am experiencing flashing and flickers while working on an average size file in Photoshop. This is also visible in 3DSMAX, 3D app. when moving geometry, cameras etc.
The previous video card, less powerful did not display this behavior. Any help with this conflicting response would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Seattle WA.

My System 2 years old:-
Supermicro X8DTL-i with 24Gb RAM
Evga Geforce GTX-570 video card
850 Power Supply.
Antec case with multiple fans
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  1. Did you update your GeForce drivers when you installed the new video card?

    If not, get them here:


    Also, what video card (GPU) were you using previously?
  2. Drivers updated yes! and the previous board was a MSI 220GT with IGb.
    I've also turned Aero OFF in Win 7Prof 64bit. Apparently it can be a resource hog.
    Appreciate your help in trying to diag. this issue.
    Thank you.
  3. Did you update your motherboard chipset drivers after the GPU upgrade?

    This really sounds like a driver issue. Just trying to zero in on it.
  4. That's my opinion as well. It has to be an obvious solution, driver etc.
    I've not updated the MB chipset and will look into that.
    You think that that could be a issue?
    Thanks again.
  5. I have seen cases where updating the chipset drivers after a GPU upgrade helped with performance issues. It will certainly do no harm.

    I would go straight to Intel to get the latest drivers. Go to:

  6. Or to Supermicro where they have a Driver Mgr that analyses the system and recommends a driver update. Will do this.
  7. That will do as well. However, the Intel site can do the same thing and their drivers are often more current than those hosted at OEM sites.

    There is no real wrong answer here.
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