Pc powers up for less than 1 second then immediately powers down

I recently just finished building my 1st new pc with all new parts except for the hd 6670 graphics card and a 500GB HDD hard drive which had drivers from my old pc setup installed on it as well as a copy of windows 7 ultimate 64bit. After completing the build i powered up the pc and got to the msi BIOS setup. After having a read through the MSI user guide that came with it, i didnt think i needed to install anything just yet and that it could be done once i had the pc up and running, so i saved and exited the bios menu. Windows 7 loaded but just as i got to the desktop and thought i was in the clear the computer shut down, and ever since it will not boot up again.
1) when i try and turn on the computer, the fans and leds will briefly power up for less than a second then immediately power down and i have to diconnect the psu from the wall before i try again.
2) i have read posts from other threads before about following the trouble shooting steps and none of these helped me out.
3) i tried to breadboard but the computer would just do the same thing as before of power up for less than a 2nd then immediately power down.
4) tested the power supply and it ran smoothly with no loading

my system specs are:
CPU: AMD bulldozer fx6100 black edition 3.30ghz
motherboard: MSI 970A-G46
PSU: 550w CiT Black edition series power supply
RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3 exceleram white sark running at 1600
GPU: 1GB DDR3 saphire hd 6670
CASE: antec three hundred series
HARD DRIVE: 500GB hard drive with old computer compnent drivers installed and windows 7 ultimate 64bit

I have a feeling i may have fried the mother board in which case do i need to replace the cpu, ram, gpu, etc? if i havent fried the motherboard any help would be much appreciated. ty :)
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  1. Sounds like the load was too high for your psu so it shut down. How did you test the psu?
  2. I would suspect a PSU failure. If so, no way to know if anything was damaged at this point.
  3. samuelohagan said:
    Sounds like the load was too high for your psu so it shut down. How did you test the psu?

    When i was ordering the parts i specifically asked the IT guru there what psu i would need to run this and later on a more powerful gpu and he said 550w would be more than enough. And if it was too much load why would the pc be able to boot up once but then never again? To test the psu i used a paper clip to connect the green wire to one of the black wires on the 24pin plug with nothing else connected to the psu so it was not under any load
  4. cmichael138 said:
    I would suspect a PSU failure. If so, no way to know if anything was damaged at this point.

    I have been able to get the psu you work on its own under no load, but once its connected to the motherboard with just the cpu and fan requiring power it will not stay on
  5. Any chance you can access a multimeter to see what readings you get from the PSU?
  6. Unplug the GPU/HD's/etc everything but the CPU and 1 stick of ram and than turn it on and see if it does it still. Than work from there by slowing adding ram, HD, GPU etc. Could be a couple different things, just try to narrow it down.
  7. To close out this thread with some helpful information incase anyone who has this problem comes across it. I believe the reason why the system wouldn't boot up and kept shutting down is because of the power supply. I used an old power supply that i knew was too weak to power the system to test this theory and the system would boot up for a little while longer but would then shut itself down. So like i said i guess its the power supply. what i get for cheaping out :P
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