How much should i sell my HP computer for?

I really want the new IMAC but i dont have enough money. I have a HP p6243w. It was hopeing to get 300 fromit but i dont know if that is a good price. You tell me
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  1. What about with a HP 2009m Monitor
  2. why do you want a imac, lol D:
  3. You can put $60 into it and get a video card, and mark it up more as a gaming computer :)
  4. Make sure you sell it on Craigslist. People nowadays are hungry for deals, just make sure your price is below the lowest in your local Best Buy or whatever and you'll be fine. If that means you need to throw the monitor in to sell it for $300 then that's what you do. I buy laptops on ebay and Craigslist, fix them up/juice them up and sell them again for a mean profit... I don't make money unless I add to the deal or fix what's broken, so I expect sometimes that I will take a loss.
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