Need case suggestions!

At the moment i have a Coolermaster Haf 922, I Am sure you guys have heard of this case. My specs are:
i5 2500K with a coolermaster hyper212 plus
Asus DcuII gtx 570 (Triple slot)
Gigabyte ga-z68x ud3h motherboard.
A nvidia quadro 550 To run my 3d monitor.
2 1TB wester digital drives
1 60GB crucial ssd.
Optical drive (Don't know what brand)
Corsair Ax 650 Psu
8GB kingston ram.

As it is my system gets very noisy and very hot when playing games. I have the Haf 922 on the default fan configuration except the 120mm fan on the side panel that is acting as intake. I am looking into a new case and could use some suggestions. I definitely want to go bigger than the Haf 922. My price limit it around 160 MAx. I just want a roomy case that still looks nice for under $160.
Any suggestions?
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  1. So what specifically is loud about your current case? I would have to assume it is your current fans that are making the noise. Otherwise, that is a pretty nice case. Also, when you say hot... how hot? PC's when playing games get pretty toasty. As mentioned above you could always go for liquid cooling, but that can get pretty costly.
  2. The Rosewill Thor V2 is massive with lots of included fans. IIRC, it's $125 for black and $150 in white. The white looks really cool.
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