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I want something that will play newer games like diablo 3 and guild wars 2 at about medium graphics, right now I am running windows xp 32 with maxed RAM, core 2 duo 3.16Ghz processor, 530w power supply, and I got a geforce gt 610 temporarily. The main problem I an running in to with this pc is the fact I would have to customize the case to for a dual slot video card. what would be the best video card I could run for newer games.

Btw, my budget is about $200.
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  1. Which 530W do you have? What computer do you have? There are single slot cards out there. I've seen a single slot 6850:

    But its obviously not around anymore.

    There is also a single slot 7750, but the 7750 isnt too fast. If you don't care for your case, then you can get a new one and a new graphics card for about $200.

    If you don't mind spending $10 more, then you can do that. If you do care about the money, you can go for a 6850 instead:
  2. why would you need to modify case for dual slot card?
  3. Thank you, I would change cases but it is actually the CPU cooler that is blocking me from putting a newer card in it not to mention the pci-e slot is located at the top of the pci slots and the card coolers face up.
  4. What computer do you have that prevents this? Can you take a picture?
  5. It if a dell e5150, I am at work right now but when I go home I will post a pic. The pci area from bottom to top goes pci, pci, pci mini, pci-e and because of the motherboard the extra post of the dual slot cards face up instead of down so the video output only had one opening. And the distance from the opening for video in the back to the CPU cooler is only 6 to 6 1/2 inches. It is a terrible set up.
  6. Ok, I found this video card and it looks like it would fit. I read the specs and to me it looks pretty good but I just recently started looking at them so I just want to know it it is any good.
  7. That really is just an awful setup for a computer there.

    Anyway it seems like depending on the card you have in there, the GPU is able to go under the CPU cooling fan. Here is a pretty small card:
  8. Thank you, would the ddr5 compared to ddr3 make a big difference?
  9. The DDR3 is a 6670, the DDR5 is a 7750. The 7750 has my vote.
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