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Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my hardware, My current GPU is a nVidia GeForce 9100, It sucks for gaming, I'm looking to add another card, a nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, Or 660 Ti, I'm also buying a new power supply, The Only problem, Is my motherboard has olny a PCI Express x16, Please Reply about any problems that i may encounter, Remember: I'm new to upgrading hardware!
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  1. the motherboard will be fine...any card will work fine in a PCIE x16 slot even if its version 1.0.......what power supply are you upgrading to? and you need to tell us a budget for your upgrades...either total and we can help you pick out a psu or just the budget for the graphics card. also while you are at it tell us what the rest of your systems specs are.
  2. You won't be able to use both graphics cards at the same time, so only having one PCIe x16 slot isn't a problem. What might be a problem is your CPU. I assume that if the PC came with that GPU the CPU won't be much better for gaming. What CPU do you have currently?
  3. You will probably be fine with an x16 slot but select motherboards do have back-compatibility issues.
    I usually suggest antec and seasonic power supplies but on a budget just make sure you get one with active PFC.
    To suggest most other parts would require, as trapper said, the specs on the rest of your system.
  4. What power supply are you planning to get?
  5. Alright, I'm Back, Here are some system specs:
    Processor: AMD Athlon II x4 620 Processor ~2.6GHz
    Current Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 9100
    **Other Stuff:
    Power: Want to upgrade to 400-450 watts (current: 300 watts)
    Budget: 150-250 USD
    I know this an't much, But, Do you guys got any suggestions?
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  7. kevin83 said:

    Ok. Thanks.
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