Need help..graphic card upgrade

intel core 2 duo 4300 1.80Ghz, Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family,
Asus P5GZ-MX, got one PCI Express x 16 slot, which type of graphic card suitable for me to upgrade?thx you
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  1. Well it depends. What power supply are you using? What kind of computer are you using?

    Honestly thats a pretty slow computer, but for us to know what is suitable for you, we have to know what you are doing with the computer. What games? What resolution? Etc.
  2. What's your budget?
  3. quite old ad...but i hope to upgrade it for my like fifa12 or pes 12?desktop,but i not sure about the power supply...for budget, medium enough...hehe, thx you so much
  4. You see, medium budget for one guy is $50, for another, $500. Please specify it in numbers and tell the country you are from!
  5. What is medium budget?
  6. can my pc support GT430 or GTX550 Ti? izit over?
  7. You never listed your power supply unit or your case dimensions. List that info and I'll tell you the answer ;).
  8. You aren't telling your budget or anything about your power supply.
    How can we suggest anything ?
    Open the side panel of your case and check the model no. of your power supply.
    This power supply thing is crucial
  9. PSU=450, this? so which type i should install?thx for help...
  10. What about brand and model? Case size?
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