Major Problems with my MSI GTX 660 TI Card - At wits end

Hello all,

First my system specs

ASUS Maximus Formula V Motherboard (Z77)
Intel I5-3570K (3.4/3.8 GHZ) - Running at stock speeds
8GB G.Skill DDR3-2133 RAM - Running at various speeds - makes no difference with problem
OCZ Fatality Series Modular Power supply 750W
Cooler Master V6 GT Cooler
Kingston HyperX 128GB SSD
MSI GTX 660 TI Power Edition Video card - Running at stock speed or below

I'm experiencing an issue it seems many others have with this, and other similar cards.

I just built this system, not even a week ago, its running Win 7 Enterprise x64. Every single part is brand new out of the box.
I get the Random BSOD/Flicker/Freeze/Stutter related to the NVLDDMKM.sys Driver, "Display Driver has stopped responding and recovered blah blah blah" - Strangely, this usually only happens while in windows, almost never while in games. I get phenomenal performance and framrate from any game, Skyrim on full ultra graphics with full AA runs at 65FPS constantly. I originally installed all of the ASUS drivers (updated) and then the 305 Nvidia Drivers (newest at the time) and the problem ensued immediately after the driver installation. I've now rebuilt from scratch, with a new windows installation, only to have the same problem. This time I installed all ASUS drivers from the disk that came with the board, and then the graphics driver that came with the card, 304.87, and immediately started experiencing the issue. I noticed last night, Nvidia had released a 306.xx Driver for the card, I installed this driver and the problem seemed to actually be worse than with either of the other two drivers.

I've tried down-clocking my RAM, downclocking the video card, and everything else I can imagine. I've ran Driver-sweeper in between installs to make sure all prior drivers were removed. I'm at wits end here trying to figure out whats going on. I would hate to think its a bad card, but I suppose anything is possilbe.

Anyone have any thoughts, Ideas, or suggestions on this?
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  1. Could you describe the flicker?

    I'd try memory test first.
  2. The screen will go Dark for 2-10 seconds and then return to the desktop with the balloon about the NVLDDMKM error.

    I'll try memtest tonight.
  3. I doubt it's memory. In nvidia control panel under 3d settings -> power saving select "Prefer maximum performance".
  4. Thanks for the reply, I will try that as well.
  5. It's a common problem and there is no known fix. Some will tell you to run memtest, others will tell you to rma the card.

    Usually a windows re-install fixes it, but apparently not in your situation.

    Try disabling Aero and UAC.
  6. I had the same problem on my GTX 560 Ti, it would be OK while gaming but it would crash when browsing the internet. Updating GPU bios fixed it, but I doubt that solution applies to the OP because there aren't probably any new updates because GTX 660 Ti just came out.
  7. Found out something interesting.

    The card had been running at 4x, in a x16 Slot...

    I moved it up one, and it ran at 8x, and all the problems went away, I tried the third, and back to 4x, haven't crashed yet but it hasn't been very long.

    All the PCI-E Slots on my board are x16 so i don't understand.
  8. Okay, so after letting Kombustor Run all night, it still hadn't crashed.

    So to summarize.

    Bottom Slot (PCI-E X16 SLOT) Card Runs at x8
    Middle Slot (PCI-E X16 SLOT) Card Runs at x4 And Crashes
    Upper SLot (PCI-E X16 SLOT) Card Runs at x4 and Does not crash

    Any suggetions how to get this thing to run at x16?
  9. I don't know why anyone buys $300 mobo's, especially when you'll never be able to upgrade it. I bought a $59 mobo and never had any problems.

    You should check your manual for information on the pci-e slots. I know that board runs 8x/4x/4x, but with one card it should run 16x. Maybe try resetting the cmos?

    Have you tried my suggestions yet?
  10. I don't think the problem has anything to do with the cost of my motherboard. And to answer your question, I bought the board for numerous reasons.

    1.) I happen to like ASUS very much (Yes I realize ASUS makes much less expensive boards)
    2.) Future upgradability: If I should choose to run multiple GPUs in the future, I have accomodations for that
    3.) Sound: The board has a fairly adept sound controller
    4.) I don't like buying old technology (personal preference)
    5.) I didn't skimp anywhere else in the build, why skimp on the component which everything else relies on
    6.) Its pretty and it matches the other components inside :p

    - Card now running at x8 On the lowest slot, no crashing, 60fps in Any game with Ultra graphics, so obviously there is little to no need for the x16, its just bothering me that I'm not seeing it perform to spec.

    - I have tried all of the suggestions that have been submitted in this thread (As well as many other threads) And yet still stuck.

    Thanks for everyone's help thus far, I really appreciate the suggestions.
  11. It might indicate a faulty motherboard. Can you try the card in another PC? Like in your friends one?
  12. Well you didn't mention that you tried the suggestions. I'm not really psychic but thanks for letting us know what you tried since were trying to help you.

    I never said you should buy old technology....Really?

    There are numerous boards in the $120-130 range that allow adding another graphics card in 8x/8x, have japanese capacitors, and the same amount of VRM's.

    Paying less for less ports and software you'll never use really isn't "skimping", it's called not paying for what you don't need.

    I guess some people need special overclocking software, high end sound chip, headphone amplifier, watercooled VRM's, bluetooth, and a free mousepad, that's great. You paid for all that for sure. My $59 board has everything I'll ever need including the same cpu upgradability as the Maximus Formula, so in my opinion I didn't really skimp at all.

    Personally I've had nothing but problems with Asus boards I refuse to buy them. It's Gigabyte or Asrock for me, with Asrock now being my favorite.
  13. Thanks for the reply,

    My motherboard is a Z77 Chipset, so I'm not so sure how much this applies.

    Also, something I almost forgot to mention, I noticed that in my BIOS it identifies the card running at x8 as well, so I don't think this is a Windows/Driver/Settings issue necessarily.
  14. Geekapproved, I won't even dignify that with a response.

    Thanks for hijacking and killing the thread, you've been great help.

    Please close this thread
  15. Nobody killed the thread and I'm still trying to help you. Did you solve your issue?
  16. steve24az said:
    Geekapproved, I won't even dignify that with a response.

    Thanks for hijacking and killing the thread, you've been great help.

    Please close this thread

    How can anyone help you when you fail to tell us if you have tried the recommended fixes? Obviously I've helped more people on this forum than the other people responding, but your too hardheaded to even tell us if you have tried them :sleep:

    I guess your $300 mobo turned out to be junk afterall. Good luck with your RMA.
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