New Build worked for 2 days, now issues

Hey guys I'm kinda stumped here, a friend of mine built a PC for the first time 5 days ago, the system worked well for 2 days he said. He told me it had a windows 7 tried to install SP1 and it failed, after that it began stuttering bad, graphical glitches ( i.e mouse pointer staying as arrows, screen turning black, and ultimately computer freezing.)

I've built a few PCs but no expert for sure, I reinstalled windows, installed all the drivers etc, and all worked well till I installed the video card drivers, I've tried old drivers, beta drivers, stable release drivers, and the original ones that came with the card originally. I figured the card was going bad, so I brought the card home installed it back in my computer and it works fine. I don't know all the specs exactly but a list would be:

Intel i5 2500k
Asus z77 Mobo
Raptor 500gb, and seagate 500gb storage drive
Gigabyte Super Overclock GTX560
8GB Corsair Ram 1333mhz
corsair GS800 PSU

Since the computer seems fine using the onboard video and only has problems with the GTX 560 installed and I know the Video card is good, I'm thinking it might be the PSU, but I don't have a spare one laying around to test it and don't want to take my PC apart for mine. Curious if anyone has had this before or any advice before I take it apart for him and rebuild it from scratch for him tomorrow.
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  1. here are a few things that could help you

    how are your temps?

    1) Update bios(if possible)
    2) Clear Cmos(don’t forget to unplug the computer from the wall and let it sit for few minutes, if you don’t have a jumper than remove the battery make sure the computer is unplugged and let it for about10 minutes before putting the battery back in)
    3) Check your psu
    4) Make sure your computer is hooked up correctly
    5) Run memtest(if possible)
    6) Run Burnintest(if possible)
    7) If all else fails then try a gpu, Ram, or psu from another computer
    Hope this helped! :D

    you might not need to do all of these but check it, it could also be a mobo issue or possible ram check with other ram
  2. Thanks, forgot to mention he did tell me he flashed the bios, guess he saw something on google and tried it to fix a USB port that wasnt working ... he just didn't have the drivers installed for it.

    Temps were good for what I could see, I couldn't get it to run stable for more than a few mins but CPU never got above 55c and GPU was around idle temp at 30c or so

    I'll have to try memtest and swapping out the hardware tomorrow
  3. wait hold on cpu was not getting above 55 at idle? i get like 59(under 100% load) with my cpu overclock by 1.5ghz if its like that at idle then you have a heat issue with your cpu try reseting the thermal paste, getting after market heatsink(hyper 212+) and make sure the fan is faced toward the back of the case or where ever there is a hole/ventilation... if the temps are not that bad then yeah try running memtest
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