Can i add another GT 220 to my GTX 560 and run 3 monitors?

Is it possible?
I have 1 GTX 560 in my pc, and was hoping i could add a gt220 to be able to use 3 monitors?
if so would i connect the 2 in sli or not?
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  1. Well they wouldn't SLI, but you could run a 3rd monitor. The thing is you wouldn't be able to game on it.
  2. You could run the game on only one monitor at a time, which means it wouldn't be Nvidia surround, just 3 separate monitors.
  3. So theres no way to game on the 3 monitors using 560 and 220 than?

    well sucks for my friends :P
    I got myself 3x27 monitors and 2x680's so im fine :P
  4. Yea, the 220 would only be able to be used as another display, like in productivity.
  5. Would this also work with the intel GPU?
  6. Depending on motherboard. My motherboard allows it. I have no idea for others...
  7. Have to try this out...I never game on my 2nd screen and just use it for web/pdf walkthroughs/temp monitoring programs/etc.
  8. Was hoping to game :P
  9. You'd have to either use Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround to do so.
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