NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M DDR5 vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 LE

I am planning to buy a mid range gaming laptop.
i narrowed down to 3 laptops... [...] ,247107100

1)Samsung Series 7 NP700Z3C-S02US- i5-3210,
-NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M,800 MHz DDR3 GDDR5

2)Sony VAIO S Series (SVS1511GFYB) -i5-3210
-NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE with 1 GB

3)HP ENVY 15-3047nr -i72670
-ATI Radeon HD 7690M 1 GB GDDR5

Please help me through this..
I want to play games like GTA 4,NFS shift,Sleeping Dogs and if possible Far Cry 3......
Which one of these is better for games?

all these come with free Xbox..
plz provide me any other laptops which u might know...

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  1. DON'T get a laptop if you don't need the mobility. Laptops do not make great gaming platforms, for the same amount of cah you have a desktop twice as fast.
  2. Second one is the best, GT 640M is twice as powerful as GT 630m. However, I agree with robjordy.
  3. If you dont care about moving your laptop, then just get a desktop. I have both a laptop and a desktop. My desktop gaming computer, and I bought a cheap $300 MacBook to take to class and to type stuff on.
  4. Thanks for the reply guys.
    as i keep shuttling places,i need a laptop, which can do a bit of gaming.
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    In that case the 640 is going to be quicker.
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  7. Deemo13 said:
    In that case the 640 is going to be quicker.

    thanks for the reply...
    i brought sony vaio S15
    got a free PS 3 for it...
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