Graphics cards compatable with dell optiplex 745

I have the small form dell optiplex 745 and want to play minecraft...its lagging like hell, can I get a cheap graphics card to fit or am I destined to no gaming?
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  1. which case do you have? the optiplex 745 comes in 4 flavors desktop sized, small form factor, ultra small form factor and mini tower.....the problem is you have a really low wattage power supply...around 305watts all the way down to 220watts... hopefully you are on the higher end of that...this would probably be the fastest video card that your system could handle without upgrading the psu

    If you have the mini tower (biggest one) then you could use this card

    edit: if you are not sure which size you have take a look at this link
  2. You'll need a PCI-E x16 card, and with a 275W power supply, the best card which will work is the Radeon HD 5570.
    Maybe get a hd 6450 on the cheap at newegg, if you just want to play minecraft.
  3. wow! my first post was crap disregard totally missed that you said you had the small form dell optiplex 745 my bad! in that case you have a 275watt psu and your pc only support low profile cards.

    you could try this card

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