Rate my new build - $2000 NZD Budget

They're the specs and the price, here's the website:

Please check it out and suggest other parts, i'm using it for gaming.
If anyone else knows about another website (New Zealand) based, please let me know, i'm not up for building my own.
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  1. Are you allowed to alter some of the parts?
    If yes, here are some suggestions.

    - Drop the CPU to an i5-3450
    - If this is for gaming, you'll only need 8gb of RAM, make sure it won't go over 1.5v
    - I don't believe I've ever heard of Playtech PSUs before
  2. Playtech is just the website, it's just approved by them, 16 GB ram is unnecessary? if so would i benefit from 7870 - 660Ti or i5 3570 - i7 3770 ?
  3. And might i ask why downgrade to a slower CPU?
  4. 'cause you'll be paying considerable amounts of NZD to get 0.2-0.3 GHz that you won't even notice the difference in real life performance.

    The 7870 would be a better buy than the 660 Ti.
    You don't need an i7 for gaming as well, the only notable difference of it from the i5 is hyperthreading.
  5. Okay, so you suggest only 8GB, what about SSD? i really want to get it, but 180GB, is it really enough? I'll be having games like BF3, MW3, BO2 (When it comes out) Skyrim GW2 and other new titles. There's no option for secondary ram, so having an external should substitute?

    Thanks for your replies.

    Edit: i don't mind paying $24 more for a 3570, it's my first real gaming PC, I want to make it nice.
  6. I'm assuming you meant 'secondary HDD'.
    128gb should be enough for your games and the OS.

    Really though, only you can calculate if you'll need a big storage drive.

    That extra $24 could be used for the SSD/HDD.
  7. Okay, thanks a lot for your replies and help, much appreciated.
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