Radoen HD 7850

Sapphire OC edition or Double D XFX?
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  1. DD
  2. The Sapphire runs cooler while the XFX runs quieter.It's really up to you.
  3. wake4x4ptball said:
    Sapphire OC edition or Double D XFX?

    I have the Asus Direct CU 7850 and I love it. Got great overclocks and its quiet.

    I am sure you will be happy with any of the above.
  4. Sapphire makes the best AMD cards closely followed by the standard offerings from Gigabyte and Asus. Get something faster than the 7850 if you can afford it though.
  5. I haven't seen the XFX in action, but my Sapphire (non OC version, but it has the same cooling solution) runs dead silent when idle. I set the fan speed to 20% with automatic increase. Temps max out on 65 C during stress testing and when I do that I can hear the fans, but not very loud. During gaming I never hear them. Mine overclocks like a champ by the way, but I'm sure the XFX does as well.

    Hope that helps, I think I'd just get the cheaper one honestly.
  6. i know sapphire is good company for many year and XFX just reformed

    XFX have lifetime warrenty
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