260GTX Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Every now and then I receive the following messasge:
Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 301.42 stopped responding and has successfully recovered

Before the notification pops up the screen blackouts for a few seconds.
I have tried replacing the driver software, as well as changing the Timeout Detection thing.

As far as I remember, the issue started a few weeks ago.
The card itself (260GTX) was pretty clean, the temperatures are around 50°C.

An interesting thing I noticed:
If my computer is idle for about 3 minutes (not using the keyboard or the mouse) the driver crashes, however,
if I move the mouse sometimes, everything seems to be fine. (Tested while watching a movie)
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  1. It's a pretty common issue for modern Nvidia cards. I had exact same thing with 480 in the past, with 560 during this winter, and with 570 a couple of months ago.
    I think it happens because of a faulty design of the build (chip aren't pressed hard enough to the plate of the cooler). If you can still RMA it, I highly suggest doing so.
    As far as I've tested entire 4-- and 5-- line, I only had this problem with 480, 560 and 570.
    Never had this problem with any of the 6-- line, so looks like they fixed it in the later releases.
  2. Could be memory; I've had the issue with both brands.
  3. Deemo13 said:
    I've had the issue with both brands.

    Never had this problem with any ATi/AMD cards. Which models were those that you had this problem on?
  4. I had a 6950 that had this issue, but when I installed my 8800GT, the problem persisted. Turned out to be bad RAM.
  5. Interesting...I might check that.
  6. How can you explain the fact that it happens only when my PC is totally IDLE? If I watch a movie and keep moving the mouse around, everything seems to be fine...
  7. Is the card overclocked at all?
  8. Physically check the card's power vrm's inductors. The little gray box like things if you don't know what they are to see if they seam to be lose or even rattle when you shake the card. On the 65nm models this is a very common problem while the newer ones used a different design.

    If yours has a back plate then it is the older design beyond that try lowering the clocks and see if that helps.
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