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Hi guys.
I am planning on ordering parts for a gaming pc on black friday and i just need advice on the right graphics card to go with my rig. so far I have:

NZXT Tempest (from previous it)
Corsair H50 Cooler (from prev it too)
ASUS P8Z77-V (~180$)(idk if i shoud get the pro doesnt seem all that different thoughts?)
Intel Core i5 3570K (~230$)
8Gb Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz DDR3 RAM (~45$)
ThermalTake T925-3083 750W Modular PSU (~65$)
1x1Tb + 1x250Gb hdds (prev. build)

i do plan on overclocking to aroung 4.5 but that shouldnt be too difficult with that board. I would appreciate all feedback but i mainly need to know about the graphics card. If i get lucky, I might be able to get my hands on 2 GTX460s for 70$ so i would take that no questions. If not, I have up to a maximum of 300$ to spend on a card. I was thinking gtx 660ti? and how would the card you recommend stack up against sli 460s?

any feedback about budgeting, product selection, bottlenecks, etc. would be highly appreciated :)
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    ♦ about the motherboard i think you should go with GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H
    ( cheaper and better).

    ♦ you ask about bottleneck , with 3570k and 8 gigs of ram and z77 board it will never bottleneck you seriously.

    ♦ sli with 460 will be good but not perfect as after a year or something you that alot of new games recommends high end card with the 460 now is far away now form high end cards , i suggest to go now with 660ti and in the future if you have the ability to sli another 660ti it will be awesome also a 7950 will be amazing.

    ♦ if you choose to work only with 1 gpu so no need 750w psu you can just go with a 550 watt one.

    have a nice day and good luck ;)
  2. I thought about the gigabyte board, but is it a good overclocker? Ive had bad experience with boards that dont oc at all so i wanted to get one that would be easy to work with since i have a good cooler
  3. actually it is better in overclocking than the asus you picked. i guarantee
  4. I've heard mixed reviews about ThermalTake PSUs. I myself have never used them, so take that for what it's worth ( maybe not a lot. ) But you can get a very highly recommended Antec PSU for that same price. A 650W is more than you need now, but it will offer you some upgrade room for the future.

    On the GPU front, I like the Radeon 7000 series over the nVidia 600s, simply because the Radeons seem to be more well-rounded cards. The 600s may get a few extra frames in games, but the 7000s have a lot more compute muscle and run on less power. The 660s also have a limited 192-bit memory controller that can stall the card in some game settings.
  5. i can get the 7950 for around the same price. should i go for that instead of the 660ti? im thinking of adding a second card so which one would perform better in that config?
  6. on papers the 7950 beats the 660ti but in some games nvidia cards are mostly recommended like battlefield 3 so go with the card you will be comfort with.
  7. 7970's are good. And with the latest driver updates, AMD beat Nvidia. (12.11 beta).

    I have the XFX 7970 DD - it's a good card.
  8. peyman_tp said:
    i can get the 7950 for around the same price. should i go for that instead of the 660ti? im thinking of adding a second card so which one would perform better in that config?

    I'm saying this a lot today, but unless you're going with a multi-display setup, a second GPU is a waste. It'll just suck down more electricity without actually improving the game experience. If you've got extra money to spend, either put it into a premium case, a better monitor, or just save it for later.
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