6950 overheating problem?

I've recently been having some problems with my Radeon 6950 and I don't know what to do. I recently downloaded an update with catalyst, but before the update the problem was the screen resolution wouldn't fit the screen and I would have to manually fit it every start up. The recent update fixed that problem, but now my gpu goes nuts while I play Guild Wars 2. The fan gets really loud for a few seconds then stops. This happens every few moments at random. When the gpu would act up I would alt tab quickly and check the specs. It stays at around 45 C when the game isn't running, 60 when it is and then jumps to around 85 when it acts up. The fan is at a constant 26% but jumps to around 50% when its does the thing. Could this be a hardware problem, recent update bug, or is it Guild Wars's.
Also, the gpu is a year old, so if it were to be the gpu's fault, would I still have warrenty. Sorry for the wall of text.
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  1. Get MSI Afterburner and then go into the options and change the fan speed curve. Then the fan would generally increase over time.
  2. So it's just the gpu trying to cool itself down with short bursts rather than slowly increasing? Also I just tried playing Batman Arkham City and it didn't do it. I guess it could be Gw2 putting a lot of stress on high performance.
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