NIC problems and slow speeds?

brand new rig...

windows 7 pro and games on crucial 256gb ssd
WD 2tb hdd storage
i7 3770k (oc'd to 4.2)
sabertooth z77
gtx 670 4gb
corsair 850tx
coolermaster 812
16GB Corsair vengeance ram

my net connection was rapidly dropping out and in. more on that here...

it may not be the NIC card like we thought. now seems like i've got things a bit better. installing a new LAN driver now has me w/ a steady connection...BUT the speeds are atrocious! on Speedtest i'm getting 4. download and .64 upload. as you can see the specs are pretty decent. i got a dsl Zoomtown connection. don't know much about PCs so any help is appreciated!
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  1. well someone fell for the sabertooth marketing scheme/gimmick but that isnt the point of the post

    yeah. do a RMA. everything should be fixed after.

    asus is pretty good so i wouldnt worry
  2. so you think there's still a prob w/ the nic or something? i'm not so sure. when looking at Zoomtown's site, it states they have speeds of UP TO 5mbp lol. so i guess i'm not much under that

    that's nuts. i always assumed my old pc just sucked lol. i remember years ago people sending me stuff over AIM and commenting on how fast my connection was. i guess not no mo. all i know is Speedtest game me a C- and D grade heh

    if i was to RMA, how does the process work? they send a new one then i send the old? basically about how long would my pc be down?
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    ask asus. they will help you out with the RMA process. differs from every company.

    generally takes 2-4 business weeks
  4. thanks again. everything seems to be fixed now tho. other than slow speeds, but that is about the best i can do here in my city. not many options. may still give asus a call tho. or take it to Microcenter. bet if i raise a little fuss they might switch out the board quickly.
  5. just email asus. microcenter might not budge
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