ATI/AMD video card for Second Life

I am thinking of getting a hd6850 to replace my old 9800, I play Second Life, and ATI cards used to do very poorly in that game, having opengl issues.
Has this problem been resolved? Can Radeon card
really run Second Life as well as a nvidia card?
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  1. I wouldn't see why not. Its just a game. The only games where it favors a certain brand of card is usually when it is endorsed, like Borderlands 2 for Nvidia and Dirt3 for AMD.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Regarding the video link, no fps display is shown, making comparisons difficult. In Second Life, the killer is displaying crowds of avatars in areas with lots of scripts. The video shows only one avatar in low lag areas.
    Here is a link to the only benchmarks I have found for Second Life, I do not know where it originally came from:

    It shows the gtx550ti outperforming the more expensive hd7970. This has been the experience of two people I know personally, a low level nvidia card working better than a high level Radeon card.
    For whatever reason, nvivia still seems run SL better than Radeon, so I got a gtx550ti.
    Thanks again.
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