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Hello, I have a GTX560 Ti and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to improve temperatures while gaming. I made a fan profile where the fan speed is always more or equal to the current temperature, but unfortunately, that didn't get me significant results. My idle temperature is usually around 32-40c and load stays at around 67 at 67% fan speed (while fan is so damn loud!). My case has 8 fans and this is my case
. I added 3 extra fans on top of the 5 provided and I have done good wire management considering the fact that I have a non-moduler PSU. I was wondering if i could just buy a new heatsink for the gpu but i'm afraid that it might void the warranty. I know some people might think that 67c isn't bad, but you also need to realize that the fan is as loud as a jet engine that you can hear from miles away at 67%. My biggest confusion is to why some people's 560 TI runs perfectly fine with much better temperatures with stock fan settings, yet i have to bump my fan all the way up to 70% to avoid going above 70c. My case has 8 fans with perfect airflow. There is so much space around the card and i even have my AC on 24/7. I'm assuming this is happening because EVGA decided to put a river of thermal paste on top of the processor thinking that it would make it cooler >:-(.
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  1. 67c really isnt bad at all...something else you can try to lower your temps is to replace the stock thermal paste with something better like Arctic Silver 5. seems like you have good case airflow...aftermarket heatsinks are always another option but to me it doesnt seem like you have a big enough problem to warrant paying all the money for a new could just lower the fan profile so it is not as loud and live with the few extra degrees of me those temps seem normal I cant imagine people getting much better temps with a stock cooling solution
  2. 70C is definitely not a bad fan temperature. A new heatsink would probably void the warranty. I would make sure that there is no dust in the card.

    What games are you playing? My GPU gets pretty hot while playing certain games, but in others it stays relatively cool. I believe it has to do with DX11. Either way, if I were to adjust the fan on my card, I wouldn't let it go past 75C.

    Oddly, I had a situation like yours, but not like yours at all. I switched over to an Antec Sonata case, a case known for being quiet. Sure it was quiet, but it was also awful at cooling stuff. It had one case fan in the rear, and that was hooked up to my Corsair H60. I was running a Radeon HD6950 reference card, and my card sounded more like a jet than yours I can guarantee. My fan was at 75%, and the temperature was at 85C while playing Sleeping Dogs. I eventually changed my GPU out for another card I had lying around, a GTX 460 (I wanted my computer quiet for college).

    The GTX460 runs nice and cool, and also the fan is much quieter. I also found a fan port where I was able to put a fan where I had not been able to before.

    I don't know why I told this story, but is your airflow well done?
  3. ^^ hahaha your post made me laugh...makes sense though you are not weird for bringing it up hopefully case airflow is not the problem here he made it seem like he had sufficent airflow bu twho knows what is sufficient to us might not be to everyone
  4. Airlow is out of the question completely. I spent days perfecting the airflow for everything and i'm sure these temperatures have nothing to do with it. Lowering my fan speed even 5% less would bump up the temperature to at least 5-15c more which leads up to 80c if i play a game like bf3 or sleeping dogs. 80c to me is far from normal in my opinion so i guess i'm stuck with this jet engine. I was thinking maybe EVGA put a crap ton of thermal paste on the card and this is why its so damn hot...guess i'll never know.
  5. 80C is further than I would like to go. You can wait for the warranty to expire and then have a look. I would look at the dust that may have accumulated inside of the card. You have alot of fans, maybe they brought in alot of air and dust. Do you have like MSI Afterburner monitoring the temperature? If not, then you can get it (or EVGA Precision, same thing) and change the fan curve to spin up sooner, resulting in a lower temperature.
  6. taking off the heatsink and shroud may void your warranty but how would they really know? they dont have any stickers on there that will break or anything do they? even if they can tell if a screw has been twisted or something evga is a great company and I wouldnt be surprised if they still service the card for you they have great customer service...I have had personal experience with that
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