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I have a Linksys E3000 router that I've been using to connect my XBox online wirelessly. But I just got UVerse and now I have a set top box that I can connect to the XBox with an ethernet cable instead. I want to connect my PS3 online also, so I plan to connect the set top box to the router with an ethernet cable, then connect the XBox and PS3 to the router with cables. (The router would not be connected to a computer.) I just want to know, will this work? Do I need to set up the router in any way to act as a switch, and if so, how?
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  1. Check and see if the U-verse box has any open ports on the back you can just plug into? That box is just a router with special software, but it still works if you plug multiple computers into it.
    If not just run a cable from the U-verse box to a LAN port, not the WAN port, on the router. Plug the other components into a LAN port. This will make the router act like a switch.

    Home routers are actually a combination router and switch in one box. Router part being the WAN input and the switch part being the 4 or 5 ports you connect the components into.
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