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Hello all,

I've searched the bowels of the internet but can't seem to find an answer to this problem. I'm getting some fan noise from either one or both of the fans on the top of my PC-P50 lian li case. I'm attempting to oil the bearings, but after peeling back the sticker, much to my dismay, I discovered that the usually-right-there black piece of rubber which leads to the bearing is actually completely covered by plastic, which extends out to all four corners of the fan, as seen here . I can't figure out how to get to the bearing. Although there is a little indentation / plastic circle directly over the bearing that looks like it may be able to be taken out, I don't actually think it can be.. any suggestions? Do I have to completely take the fan off the case (which involves completely removing my CPU from my MB, and possibly the MB itself?

Here are a few more pictures: http://imgur.com/a/LG68Q
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  1. i would send them a e-mail with the fan picture and ask for a rma for these fan in the case and let see what they will answer .
  2. The case and computer are at least 3 years old, I don't think they'd RMA it?
  3. then it would be easier for you to get news fans for the case with the same size and more powerfull in cfm .
  4. Ideally I'd like to keep the fan, but just oil it.. this way I probably won't have to take my whole computer apart. If anyone has ever oiled this type of fan before, I'd appreciate some input.
  5. do some googling search for oiling a computer and look at what the people answer for this and yes you will have to remove them from computer to oil them .
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