Is it worth upgrading from an Intel Core i7 2700K to a 3770K for $320

I have a z77m mobo that supports PCI-e 3.0 but the problem is the i7 2700K only supports PCI-e 2.0 and I feel like my GTX 680 might be held back because of it. The 1333 Mhz controller on the sandy bridge is another setback seeing how my memory is 1600 mhz so I need to overclock it just to run on stock speed.

I'm not hating on my 2700K at all. I overclocked it to 4.3 ghz and it scores over 10,000 on CPU mark (more powerful than a 3770K at stock speed, but I want to overclock the 3770K) and with my GTX 680 I can get 70+ fps with Battlefield 3.

Is it worth the $320 to upgrade from i7 2700K to i7 3770k?
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  1. I agree with dirtyferret. If you are only using your cpu for primarily gaming, that would be a steep price to pay for such a little increase in performance. However, I think that in the future with some of the new graphically demanding games come out, that it would be something to consider. But at this point in time as he mentioned, the 2700k isnt going to hold you back in bf3.
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