Help! My PC won't boot. Turns on fans spin for a second then shut off.

The other night I was playing War Thunder and suddenly my PC shuts down. I didn't think much of it because an electrician was over earlier so I thought the power went out. I decided to go to sleep and I come home from school the next day and my family is telling me the computer isn't turning on at all.
My specs:
ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Intel i5 3570K + Hyper 212
Zotac GTX 570
8 GB Kingston Hyper X
Diablotek 675w PSU

I'm thinking its my PSU but after reading some other people's problems, it could also be the CPU. I am in no way a tech expert on any of this. If you guy could please help me out that would be great thanks.
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  1. Its a bad power supply but it could have caused damage to other components. Quote from a diablotek review
    "With the PHD650, Diablotek seemingly tried to polish a turd with a turd and as such we got the expected outcome, a pile of crap. Given the horrible build quality of the unit and poor component selection of the unit that is hardly a startling result. With a current price of ~$49.99, users would be better off taking their cash and setting it on fire rather than buying this unit. There is quite literally no price point or situation where the Diablotek PHD650 should be a consideration for users as it failed almost every test possible today. Retailers and e-tailers should be ashamed to be selling such a product."
  2. That's what I'm thinking. I'm planning in going to Microcenter and have them do all their checks or test.
    Also, if its the PSU, would this be a good replacement?
  3. OCZ are not one of the best makes and you don't need close to 1000W this would do fine or the modular version is $5 more.
  4. Well, in the future I plan to SLI my 570 or buy two 700s cards and sli them.
  5. Still a good 700W one will do, stick to Corsair, Antec XFX or seasonic. Or make sure you check expert reviews.
  6. Okay I'll look at those brands.
  7. Thanks for helping out. I appreciate it.
  8. No problem, note even 2 x GTX 680s only need a 750W and thats being safe.
  9. had this exact problem and it was a faulty PSU.
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