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Disable graphics on i5-3570k

how do i turn on the built in graphics on my gigabyte motherboard i have a gtx 670 ftw and i am using Intel build in graphics that are not that good
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  1. I am confused are you asking how to disable the onboard graphics or turn it on? if disable bc you have a gtx 670 (most likely) you boot into the BIOS and set the primary graphics adapter to PCIE or PEG (same thing) and then reboot and install the new card and plug the monitor into the new card...then reboot and you are all set to use your 670
  2. 1. Make sure your PCI-E power connector is connected and that your monitor is connected to the graphics card.
    2. Make sure your BIOS is set to your discrete graphics card. Usually this setting is called "Graphics Controller" or something like that. Set it to "PCI-E".
  3. i got it working on my own and sorry i ment disable. the wierd thing was that my moniter was hooked up to the 670 but the intel grafics were in use.
  4. how did you get it working? did you disable the onboard in the bios like we said?
  5. yea i disabled it and it didn't turn of then i rebooted and messed around with bios and changed some stuff and i got it to work.
  6. Why do you think intel graphics are in use? It's impossible to use intel graphics if you have the monitor hooked up to GTX 670.
  7. its not impossible because on my first boot i had it hooked up to the gtx and i want to windows to score my computer and got 1 in graphics and my gtx didn't even show up when i was looking at settings. i have no idea how it was possible but i seen it with my own eyes.
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    You need to install the drivers for it.

    When you do that, it will work fine :). Of course, if there are no drivers, it will not say the card name and it will not perform at all, but it will still function. And trust me, that's not Intel GPU that's functioning :P.
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