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Hey there, I have around R8000 budget (South African, I think that's around 900 dollars), and I want to buy a pre-built gaming system from Evetech, which is the most popular website in South Africa if you want a real decent PC, and I have to choose between these two systems. Which one should I pick?

Thanks for your time
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    the first link is better. It has a much better graphics card. If you want to save money, however, the second link is fine too
  2. First one.
  3. Thank you very much, (jrgong I know it's not "good" but it sure is a lot better than I have now and I probably couldn't go wrong at all with an i5 processor and GTX 650).

    I will go for the first link and hope to see good frame rates.
  4. good luck!
  5. Thanks!
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  7. you're welcome :)
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