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New gpu dont know what to choose

Hi Guys!
I just built a rig and i dont know what to choose a single gtx 660ti from msi twin frozer and add another when the 760ti comes out or just get a single gigabyte oc gtx 670 and stay with it any tips help i would just count out the answers and decide or you can recommend some other gpus thx
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  1. i am deciding to go for a 670, and another option is when a single 670 isn't enough, you could buy another dirt cheap for sli. You probably already know this but you wouldn't be able to sli a 660ti and a 760 ti...
  2. no i mean should i get another 660ti after 760ti comes out
  3. so you would sli the 660ti when the 760 ti comes out??? The 660ti is not worth thinking about when it comes to sli, it has a tiny 192bit bus which chokes the cards majorly...
  4. how about the 7970
  5. so i should just get a single 670
  6. I would go with the 670, later down the road when 1 isn't enough you cant buy a second one cheap for sli. The 660ti is not a good card for sli, like i said before. Two options for you wold be getting a 660ti then upgrading to a 760ti later on when you want to upgrade. Or getting a 670 and then cheaply sliing them when you want. If i were you i would go with the 670. You wont have to waste a video card that way.
  7. but that would require a high psu
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    corsairmaster said:
    but that would require a high psu

    Not really. GTX 670 consumes just 10 watts more than GTX 660 Ti.

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  10. maybe ill get a 670 because it is on sale for 345 in canada
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