Recently replaced graphics card causing issue's

Hey all,

I just recently had to replace my graphics card, as it apparently fried. I replaced it with a HD Sapphire 7850, along with a bit more RAM.

After uninstalling all pre-existing drivers and installing new drivers, my computer seems a lot more sluggish than before. Once it loads into windows, it appears to take a while before it smooths out. While in-game though, I only manage to get 1 - 4 FPS. On my old card I was able to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive just fine. Now it's impossible to play.

The PSU I'm using is a Corsair Hx 520w.


Intel Core i5 3.2Ghz Processor
GA-P55A-UD3P Motherboard
12gb DDR3 RAM
Corsair Hx 520w PSU
HD Sapphire 7850 Graphics Card
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  1. can you remove the new ram that you installed? maybe this is causing the issue..when you remove it try playing CS and see if it gets any better...if it does we know there was an issue with the RAM if it doesnt then there is something weird going on with the new card...let me know how it goes
  2. I did try that before. There was only a slight increase, but still really sluggish. Going to try and reformat the system tomorrow and see if that helps.
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    ok goodluck with seems like you may have a faulty video card....even if your software was all gunked out (viruses and crappy driver issues) you would still be getting alot more fps out of it...before you reformat one thing to check is gpu usage and gpuz to see these values in game and let me know what they are about
  4. Turns out the Power Supply wasn't enough and had to replace it. All solved.
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