Corsair Hydro H60i Water-Cooling CPU Cooler

Hi guys,
I have just installed the Corsair Hydro H60i Water-Cooling CPU Cooler! 0_0

What I was wondering, can this unit have a second fan installed on it! Like sandwich the rad!

I have a few 120mm fans laying around!

Two 120mm intake fans on the front!
One top 120mm fan exhaust!
One side 120mm fan exhaust!
Back 120mm fan (Corsair Hydro H60i Water-Cooling CPU Cooler) intake!

If yes! Do I have both fans as an intake, I'm new to water-cooling! :/)

Thanks in advanced
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  1. yes you can sandwich the rad

    though make sure both fans are moving air in the same direction :)
  2. Cheers mcnumpty! 0_0
  3. also, just make sure you use a static pressure fan blowing onto the Radiator and an airflow fan blowing away for maximum effectiveness!
  4. Hi phate,
    The Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition High Static Pressure 120mm Fan is £33.55 on amozon!
    I was going to use a antec tricool fan I have a few of these spare!

    Thanks for your help! 0_0
  5. Update!
    I have found this one on Amozon:
    Corsair CO-9050007-WW Air Series SP120 Performance Edition 120mm High Pressure Fan £9.91 its better then £33!
  6. yeah, the sp120L is the stock fan on those, leave it be. use an AF120 output!
  7. Hi phate
    I think this would do the job!

    Corsair CO-9050001-WW Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition 120mm Low Noise High Airflow Fan Single Pack

    thanks for your help! 0_0
  8. you're very welcome!
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