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Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out the best configuration on airflow for my new system.... I do not know much about airflow so anything would be helpful.... My question is... which way do i point my radiator fans and my rear exhaust fans? and do I need to upgrade the fans from stock...


Corsair 650D Case
stock (from case) exhaust rear fan 120mm
stock (from case) 200mm intake front fan
Corsair H100
stock(from h100 box) 2x 120mm
Corsair AX750
mounted as intake from bottom to top, and exhaust out to the rear (i guess doesn't really count towards any airflow)
Asus 560ti video
g.skill 1866 8gb (4gbx2)
asus maximus v formula (soon i will do REAL water cool, like 6-8 months)
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  1. The way to understand air flow is to think that it comes in from the bottom of the case and then blows up across the video card and processor and then out the top and back of the case. (think of it as a big "Z"). So anything on the top or back of the case should be blowing out. While the fans in the bottom lower half of the case should be pulling air in.

    With the Corsair 650D you are going to be mounting the radiator to the case and then have the fans (mounted in the case) and pulling air out of the case and to be blown through the Radiator and out the top of the case. Here is a nice write up on how to do it.
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