Assitance with Dell XPS M1330 & Nvidia Issue

I too have a Dell XPS M1330 which I really enjoy and use extensively - seems since 3 win updates ago, win now shuts down the Nvidia (NV) GeForce 8400M GS - told me there was an incompatibility with a 3D service - not sure what that's about - but - it now will not boot. I had a message my battery was very low (this I knew) and the bios needed at least a 15% charge to allow the NV card to re-engage. Staples Tech declared it dead, my Dell contract expired,
I wrestle with fixing this vs giving up. I did get it a brand new Dell battery- and I got it to boot up (so much for tech suppot).

Its iffy getting it to boot up - I'm on it now, but who knows if it hibernates or I finish for the evening.

Any way to fix it? Many thanks!
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  1. by iffy to boot up do you mean that it doesnt always turn on? or do you mean it doesnt always get into windows? if it always powers on thats a good sign...that means its just windows issues...if this is the case you could try removing the old drivers and installing the newest ones...please be a little more specific with your issue
  2. run safemode, reinstall nivida drivers, come back and tell us what happens
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