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Best 660Ti card

I'm wondering what the best 660Ti card is out there, whether its this card from gigabyte: ) for the same price as this asus card:
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  1. Personal preference. I would go with ASUS any day between these two cards.
  2. why asus?
  3. Out of those two, I would also prefer ASUS as well. As Nikorr has said, it's just personal preference.

    However, if you're shopping for a GPU at the moment, why not go with a Radeon HD7950? It performs better for the same price.
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    Always quality and performance and service, if needed.

    Overclocked out of the box
    Large performance increase over the last generation
    Extremely quiet in both idle and load
    Up to four active displays makes Surround gaming possible with one card
    Native full-size HDMI & DisplayPort output
    Support for PCI-Express 3.0 and DirectX 11.1
    Support for CUDA and PhysX
  5. awesome, thanks for the feedback nikorr, im sticking with the asus then. :)
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  7. Good luck!
  8. Glad to help : )

    ASUS was always good to me.
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