Mobo with Virtu MVP, how to take advantage of it?

Hi, I am putting together my new gaming computer and is confused on how to take advantage of Lucid Virtu MVP:

My mobo is ASRock Extreme 4, the Lucid Virtu sticker is on my DVI-I & DVI-Sub display ports(and the manual state it came with Lucid Virtu MVP), the board also have a HDMI outlet. I am using a Gigabyte N670-OC/GD2 GPU & my i5-3570K CPU came with the HD4000 IGPU.

A few questions:

1. To take advantage of Virtu MVP do I have to connect all display devices to the Motherboard's display ports?

2. Is this doable: I game(1920X1080, 120hz) on a 120hz monitor(DVI-I) but want to show the clone on a 37" 60hz TV(D-sub/HDMI) could I do so?

3. Same question: Now if I game on 1920X1080 60hz, could I show the clone on my HDTV? Does showing the clone on TV hurt my FPS on the monitor?
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  1. 1) No, I doubt the clone will hurt your FPS.
    2) No, you do not have to connect all devices to your motherboard.
    3) Go into your BIOS and make sure you have IGP enabled.

    Now LucidVirtuMVP will be used only on programs that support it. A good program is Media Converter 7 :)
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