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I don't know if this is the right forum to post in, but sorry if it isn't

I am planning a build and I am going to buy the parts the weekend of black Friday/cyber Monday. I live in Canada but I am planning on shipping them to florida so I can pick them up when I go down there this Christmas.

Seeing as I will be only buying parts online, do you think I will get better prices on black friday, or cyber monday?
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  1. You see more deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Actually Newegg has deals starting sometime before Black Friday that extend the entire Holiday season. They also extend their return policy as well on certain items. Now whether the deals are on the exact items you are looking for is a bit of luck. My coworker built a nice i5 machine about a month ago and saved something like $150 by the time we added up the deals. I've seen Newegg bundle alot of free memory with motherboards lately, which is about a $40 savings. Also look for combo deals. You can get $10 or $20 on combos sometimes and they stack on any additional deals you get on individual items. So you can find good deals all year round. However, you will see a lot bigger ads before the holidays. I find myself buying one thing at a time as they come up for deals. If you are flexible with your components you can save some money.
  2. Thank you, I will also be buying my parts one piece at a time, just to clarify, will I be able to get better/more deals on black friday, or cyber monday?
  3. Depends on what you're looking for, but newegg for the most part had better deals for black Friday. Not sure about tigerdirect or ncix though. I would start checking a couple days before black Friday at all sites, and pick up whatever you need if it's on sale. You don't want to be stuck wishing you had jumped on a deal after it's sold out.
  4. If anyone were able to answer your question one way or the other, then having both days would be irrelevant.

    The best strategy would be to buy anything you see at a good discount on friday (and before). If you wait till monday, you may find some better deals, or they may not have what you could have gotten friday. (You probably shouldn't try to buy everything at once, neweggs shipping fees don't offer you any benefit in doing that anyway, they charge fixed shipping on items, and keep any savings from bundling stuff)

    Build your computer wishlist now, get a list of the current prices, along with a bunch of substitutions. If you want an SSD, decide if you only want a Samsung830, or if you would also consider an M4 and a vertex4. For power supply, figure out which brands you would buy at what prices (Seasonic, XFX, PC Power & Cooling, Corsair). Etc etc.

    Build against your budget at current prices (if you have a budget), dump any savings into upgrading the video card (or back to your wallet). In my opinion, the sales tend to be rather lackluster in recent years, so don't be surprised if you don't save much.
  5. It's a grab-bag. Online retailers have all sorts of deals, specials, and sales all the time, it's just a matter of when you see them. I've read a lot of reports lately saying that the only benefit of Black Friday shopping right now are the door-buster prizes for actually going into brick-and-mortars. The overall prices between one store and another, retail or online, are nothing special anymore.

    It'll take more work, but just keep your eyes open between now and the holidays. Check for daily specials at your favorite shops and you might get lucky. Make a wishlist on Newegg and you'll get emails whenever they have deals on the chosen parts. You don't need to buy all the parts at once ( depending on shipping costs, of course. )
  6. 2 years ago on black friday I went to microcenter at 4am and waited for 4 hours and spent about $750 and I got about $5 off a hard drive. Five dollars. Complete waste of time.
  7. djscribbles is right
    Get a list of what you want and if there is a simmular item that you would like make notes shop early and often.
    Last year I bought on both days and got a better processor than I wanted due to the sale.
  8. Thank you all, you have confirmed what I had thought, and I will definitely be finishing my list :)
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