Will my system bottleneck with a new GTX 560 Ti 2GB?

my friend is trying to sell me a GTX 560 Ti 2GB at a decent price

im wondering however, if it will bottleneck my system.. currently im running

AMD FX-4100
amd radeon hd 6670
8gb of ram
gigabyte ga-m68mt-s2
and on 1920x1080

mainly want to pick this up because my current setup is getting awful fps with the hd 6670 and looking to drop some money on an upgrade

would the fx-4100 be bottlenecking anything and would everything work out alright with my mobo and stuff? im not very pc savvy so I havent overclocked anything and dont really know how but im hoping this would be a good investment considering hes only asking 150 for it.

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  1. Some CPU dependent games would be bottlenecked. It would still be a big improvement though but, what PSU do you have and how many volts on the 12V rail(s)?
  2. my PSU i believe is 500w

    heres a link to the actual package i bought on newegg if youre interested, i have no how to ansswer the second part of the question, sorry :/

  3. bump
  4. the FX 4100 will not put out the maximum out of the gtx 560, but everything will be playable @ max settings i guess :) (depends if you want more then 1080 p resolutions :D )
  5. Link doesn't help. Cyberpower generally uses cheapo PSU's that you shouldn't trust. If you look at the reviews, that seems to be the case. For a new PSU, I'd get a Corsair CX 600, that will have the grunt to power your setup and if you upgrade it will also have headroom left over.
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