How many devices with a model 7500 router handle


I have one PC and two laptops connected to my wireless router and just got a kindle fire but cannot connect. Is there a limit to the number of devices this router can handle?
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  1. Are getting a specific message when you try to connect the kindle?
  2. I am not the original poster but have a similar problem with a Westell 7500. At first I connected fine; went to friend's house, connected fine; came home, connected fine for a few hours then . . . nothing.

    Now, it says Signal Strength Excellent, Link speed 5 Mbps, but says there is an error in connection--unable to connect to the selected access point--please check the password. I have absolutely no doubt that I am using the correct password.

    We do have other wireless devices--probably more than we are supposed to, but I have tried when NONE of the others is connected and get the same thing. I am considering returning the Kindle.
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