Bad performance on 301.42 & up (drivers)

Hey everyone

My current card is a 560 Ti 448 core, i5-2300.

This is the third time I've tried using 301.42 and any drivers above that (I even did a clean install of windows)

On ALL games I play I lose frames but the most loss is any game on the Source engine.

On L4D2 I went from 120+ FPS to 60-80

TF2 150-200 FPS to 40-60.

Skyrim didn't suffer very much but there was definitely lag in dungeons that wasn't there before.

Is anyone else with the 448 core having this issue?
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  1. have you tried clean driver installation?
  2. Thank you for the tip but I think re-installing windows on an entirely new drive would wipe my drivers.

    I'm still not sure why this is happening and the 306 drivers don't make a difference.
    I'm not too upset about it since I'm not using an SLI configuration and need the latest drivers or anything but it still is an inconvenience.

    No one else here has a 448 that's having this issue?
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