Windows fails to load with drivers installed

ok i got

a MSI - AMD Radeon 6770

and my issue i have windows 7 64-bit and
when i try to install catalyst control center(CCC)
windows fails to load.


when i start computer it goes up to were is say
windows loading then it sits at a black screen.
mouse cursor shows and moves via mouse.
so that means monitor is working card is working.

and im currently using the computer via restore.
when the driver is installed the computer runs via safemode.
this was a full reinstall of windows.(formated hard drive and deleted all partitions)

i tried the disc at first then i went online and installed it via installer.

*p.s how can i tell if the drivers are installed? or is CCC the driver?
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  1. so do the drivers install successfully? or does it give you an error? was this a brand new 6770 or did you get it used?
  2. 1.) driver installs all fine. i let it restart and once restarted the problem occurs
    2.) this is relativaly new(less then 1 year old)

    p.s i recieved this error when i redid computer. i had 2 OS installed and when i went to the other OS that i barely used i installed the drivers for it. Then i got this issue where i get the black screen for both OS. i thought it was just a fluke so i FORMATED the HD.
    and since i formated it i know the problem might be MOBO?
  3. the issue with the OS seems like the computer was just freaking out due to having 2 Operating Systems on it.....if you uninstall the amd drivers does the computer behave more normal?
  4. let me recap a bit :P

    currently im on the computer with the problem.
    its working because i use system restore(when in safe mode)

    i only have ONE OS onthis computer atm.(only plan to have 1)

    when i try to install the drivers windows will not load so i could
    not uninstall manualy

    i think its to do with there a way to reset bios without taking
    out the battery? or is there a setting in bios
    that sets what driver is used?
  5. no the BIOS has nothing to do with the drivers...drivers are all system level right now you are on the computer with 6770 installed but no drivers for it installed? in device manager it says its a vga device or something in device manager? I just want to make sure I understand what is going on lol
  6. same here :P

    ok i checked device manager

    it says under display adapters
    Standard VGA graphics Adapter

    and the drivers is windows drivers.

    *edit* also i thought it should be bios issue because it has to be something that is not touched when a hard drive is formatted.
  7. yea ok so that means that the driver is not installed for the this is a good sign that it may just be a software issue not a hardware issue...the only way it could be a hardware issue is if the core is failing and when put under stress by being used by the drivers it fails (possible but hopefully not the case)....something you can do is download and install ccleaner and driver fusion (both free programs) run the cleaner on ccleaner and the registry cleaner...then run the driver cleaner on driver fusion and clean up any old amd drivers that may be left over...reboot after all that and try to install the latest drivers....let me know how that goes.
  8. did ccleaner but i have to do some windows updates before i can use the other program so itll take a bit
  9. ok no problem let me know how it goes when you are done
  10. ok im back.....same problem i ran both programs and once again when i restarted it kept a black screen with moving cursor. but this time when i switched to safe mode
    i tried to run CCC and it said something about how the AMD driver was not installed correctly or its not the right one for the card. but this might be because its in safe mode.
    so now i have restored the pc again after the programs were run :/ .

    p.s i decided to let it sit on the black screen for a few mins(guessing loadind was the problem) and still no help. could it be that i installed MOBO drivers first?
  11. ok well i loaded bios and checked for anything relating to AMD and i found a few things about AMD. how can this be tho? i dont have the drivers installed yet. so by the chance that it is bios can i know how to reset bios without removing battery(if possible)
  12. What are the rest of your system specifications and in particular, what motherboard are you using?

    -Wolf sends
  13. OMFG i found the problem -.- hardware issue....
    i had my second display hooked to the computer but
    im in a screwy power (outlets) situation so it was not plugged in so
    when i noticed that i thought "maybe the log in screen is on that?"
    and when i plugged it in it was there.

    so im guess it was because when i installed drivers it caused main displays to change lol.

    well thanks for all of your help tho.
  14. hahaha so you have multiple screens? that would have been useful information lol
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