Nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti problem

i recently purchased a new computer at bust buy (ASUS CM6730) and a graphics card (PNY XLR8 Gtx 550 ti) and was ready to game. I installed the card and got no display. The power was on, the fans were spinning, i heard the hard drive start up, power to the mouse and keyboard, everything was normal, except the display. There was nothing. Thinking that it was the psu, i purchased a new one (thermaltake TR2-600w) and threw it in there and had the same problem. With the power pluged into the card, not even the onboard graphics would display. I unhooked the card, changed the bios, reinstalled it, and still no display. Im using the HDMI output, could this be the problem? Can anyone help me figure this out?
Windows Home 7 Premimum (64 bit)
Intel i5 2320 3.00 GHZz
6gb Ram
1Tb hdd
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    Nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti problem
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    Have you tried the dvi or vga cable?

    Do you have the 6pin power cable connected to the video card?

    Do you have the monitor plugged into the video card and not the mobo?
  3. I actually did two things at once. I changed to the VGA cable AND changed the bios to the factory defaults, and one or both worked. Thanks for the help.
    b.t.w. i did have the power and cable plugged into the card.
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  5. I only suggested that to rule out a bad card. There's no reason your hdmi shouldn't work.

    You may need to go into settings and see why hdmi isn't working. Really can't help you cause I've never used HDMI, my monitor is DVI only.
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