GPU monitor: No shader clock and vmem amount used

I've got a Radeon HD 5770
Driver: 8.961-120405a-137813C-ATI
Catayst: 2012.0405.2205.37728
When I install GPU monitor
The shader clock and vmem used are not shown
I have used driver sweep to clean up the remains of the previous installs
Could anyone shed some lights on this?
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  1. give gpuz a shot....amd cards do not show a shader clock so that is normal...and are you saying that it doesnt show you the percentage of video RAM being used?
  2. Hi, Thanks for you reply. Does gpuz have a gadget available for win7? I have never heard of it. Let me search...
  3. Actually, neither shader clock nor vmem percentage are shown
  4. you said you did a driver sweep to clean up previous installs? did you do that after or before you installed the drivers you are using now? if you did it after you should remove your drivers run the cleaner then install the drives again see if that changes far as shader clock goes you are never gonna get that amd cards dont report that never have.....this may be the case with video memory usage too. Its really not a big deal if you do what I said and it still doesnt display that there isnt anything you can do
  5. It was my fault. Shouldn't have installed the drivers on D: before. Anyways, I did it before I installed the new driver.
  6. so you got it fixed?
  7. Sorry, I haven't, Got some other jobs that drop in.
  8. Ok so I am confused what did you mean by "it was my fault. Shouldnt have installed the drivers on D:"??
  9. Because I wanted to free up some space on C:, I just installed the driver on D:, but the drivers cannot be entirely swept off the partition no matter what I tried, even driver sweep.
  10. oh ok...yea I think with your card you are just not going to get the video memory I said earlier its normal to not have the shader clock displayed
  11. Thanks have a nice weekend!
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