Power supply for GTX460 SLI?

Hey community,

So I've got at the moment a single GTX460, and my cousin is actually planning on upgrading his components pretty soon, and he also has a GTX460. I would have to be sure he has the 256-bit model, but if he does, would the Antec 620W-m power supply I have be able to support it? Its a 620W continuous with 48a on the 12V. If not, nbd really, I really dont want to upgrade the power supply as my cable management took forever.

Also, I would have to use adapters for my cards for the 6-pins. I have them, but some of the ones I have have 1 molex and some I have have 2. Is that a big deal when running a setup like so?

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  1. that PSU is enaugh for gtx 460 sli. Its no big deal with the mollex just use 2 different rails for each card.
  2. it depends on how power hungry the rest of your system is... you are close to the minimum amount of power you need for your cards. Also keep in mind that you will be putting a hell of a demand on your psu...
  3. pfffttttt

    im running a 5ghz i7 with SLi 570's on a Corsair 750w PSU your rig will be fine with a 620w with SLi 460's
  4. Alright good stuff. I've got somewhat of alot of stuff in my computer, but not too bad. the main thing is the 3 hard drives.

    I'm going to keep the thread open for the time being though, because if I run into problems I don't exactly want to start a new thread. He has some weird version of the card, but I forgot what it was. I'll have to get back to you.
  5. I'm running 2 and barely reach 400W while playing Skyrim. But like what was touched upon above, you don't want run your PSU at or near 80% unless it's an 80 Plus Silver or better. You're just askin for trouble IMO
  6. You mean asking for trouble with my PSU in particular or running it past or near 80% in general?
  7. Deemo13 said:
    You mean asking for trouble with my PSU in particular or running it past or near 80% in general?

    I mean running it near or past 80% capacity in general - look up your PS from here and see what the chart says...
  8. Like i said, You are most likely able to run your pc with that psu; but it is not recommended. It's most likely to shorten the life of your psu with a long and constant high stress load. Worst case scenario it could over heat and die. The yes or no answer for you now is if you have a fan in your psu!
  9. Maybe I will end up changing the power supply. Maybe not I dunno. I'll decide later. I have to make sure I can even get the 460 in the first place for a good price.
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