Somewhat Low performance GTX 670

Hello, I just purchased a reference EVGA GTX 670. After doing some benchmarks I find the results somewhat unsatisfactory. Maybe I;m just being picky but some results include: 3Dmark11 @ 7700ish (Performance, Graphics score)and Heaven @ ~1000-1100 (1080p, extreme tess, shaders high, 8x aa, 16x af).

For stock clocks and whatnot is this normal?

Rig is
i7 870@4.0ghz
12 ghz ddr3 1333mhz
Asus p7p55 deluxe mobo
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  1. well, the performance score seems tad low. Here's my score with a very similar i5 760 cpu.
  2. Doesn't look right to me but i have not benchmark the EVGA FTW my neighbor has the MSI PE GTX 670 and does way better than that but hes overclocking his i7-2600k cpu hardcore as well as pushing his 670 to the limits lol so not sure what's going on there but that would explain why his score is better some what also his cpu is quite a bit better imo hopefully maybe some other members who have your 670 and CPU can help best of luck!
  3. You can't compare you scores to others on 3dmark because they are overclocking their cpu's and video cards to get a high score just for e-penis status.
  4. Yeah, I was hoping to score within the average realm of 8kish 3dmark11 graphics score. Doesn't seem like much I can do because even with OC of near 1200 MHz I can barely hit 8.4k lol (temps below 70 deg c)

    Idk maybe its something else like needing faster ram or something.
  5. How is the gaming going ?
  6. Gaming is great. I was coming from a Gtx 570 and I was very vram limited due to my monitor being 2560x1600. Min fps is like doubled. I guess as long as there is an increase is all that really matters lol

    I'll probably put the 570 back in and see if I truly get that "30-50%" performance difference and just say theres a bottleneck in my system somewhere that's preventing me from getting normal Gtx 670 scores.
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