Graphic Card and Power supply problem ....

Hello,I want to upgrade my PC:

Motherboard:Asus P5B E Plus
CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 2.13Ghz
GPU:Ati Radeon X1300 256MB (to upgrade)
2GB Ram
Power Supply : No name ATX 450W P4
specz:230V-50Hz +3.3V(25A) +5V(36A) +12V (16A) -12V(0.5A) +5VSB(2.5A)
I want to upgrade Gpu to EVGA Geforce GT430 so problem is that card need minimum 300W (i have 450 and it is good) and need minimum 12V current rating of 22A i understand i have 16A??Is it enough for my GT430 which i want to buy ??? Plz Help
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  2. ya you well deserve that gpu but i recommend you to go for a better one like gt440
    which also suits your pc
  3. If it needs a minimum of 22A the 16A will obviously not be enough no . . . That's not a good psu, it's crap

    HD 6670 or HD 7750 would be better choices.
  4. how about that psu robjordy i think you are right about of HD6670 but it has PCI E 2.1 so mine need 2.0 because my motherboard ahve PCI E X16 slot .
  5. That is a very good power supply unit.

    HD 7750 would be the best upgrade for you - it's fastest among them all.

    Also, PCIe versions are backwards compatible, that means that 2.1 or 3.0 card will work in 2.0 slot.
  6. Yeah, or the Antec :D
  7. You are right a bit with that 1.0 vs 2.1 issue, though the cases it doesn't work are few.

    If you insist on the 430/440 ( both not great gaming cards ) this would be enough
  8. My bad, for some reason I thought he had 2.0 slot because he wrote it so unclearly! Anyway, I recommend GT 440 or GT 640.
  9. ok sunius i correct

    1 x PCIe x16
    1 x PCIe x4
    1 x PCIe x1
    3 x PCI 2.2
  10. Yes, that is unfortunately PCIe 1.0 slot. You better stay away from Radeon cards. What is your budget for both graphics card and power supply?
  11. max for gpu is 70$ and for psu 40$ .I dont need mega card i need card for games like GTA4 ,COD MW4, BF3,Killing floor 2 and etc i dont want to run them on high setting
  12. GT 440 and the Antec power supply you linked above will do then.
  13. ojas said:

    That won't work, he has PCIe 1.0 slot so AMD cards are out of the question.
  14. ^Yeah...well. I'm not sure, really that big of a risk? Maybe if the OP could borrow a friend's ATI/AMD card and see...
  15. ^
    The risk is big enough not to buy 2.1 card.
  16. Sunius said:
    The risk is big enough not to buy 2.1 card.

    Try and see if you can convince monu-08 of that fact ; you'll have a great time than :sarcastic: :??:
  17. Antec is a much better brand for power supplies than cooler master. You should definitely go with the first one.
  18. radeon cards have trouble running on pcie 1.0 ? what about pcie 1.1 ? in that case i believe only HD7000 series cards wont work but HD5000 and 6000 should work ?
  19. mohit9206 HD Radeons is good but i dont want buy them because if i buy i must change my mobo.So about link of antec Psu, Sunius iti is good?
  20. naughty_72 said:


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