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Hey everyone,

I am very interested in building a new PC with a mini-itx case for portability reasons. Specifically, with the cooler master elite 120 advanced case. Within this case I intend to have an i5-2500k as well as a gtx 670 (or 470 depending on whether I upgrade or not from old systems). I probably will aim for 8gb of ram.

Here are my questions:

What kind/size of power supply can fit in a small case like this? I don't suppose I can fit my corsair hx 850 psu in there?

Also, what kind of HDD can I fit in a case like this? Do I need an ssd or will a standard hdd fit just fine?

And finally, would I be able to use this as a cooler for the processor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181015 ? I know it is compatible, I just wonder whether or not it would fit.

Thanks for the help and input,

k factor
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  1. I'd scrap your plans - that kind of hardware will not fit in an mITX system and still be able to have adequate cooling. A full size ATX PSU - modular or not - will not be able to fit in that small of a form factor. You won't be able to use a plastic water block either, you might be able to use a top-down fan but that would be cutting it close.

    If you want that kind of a system you might want to check out the Falcon Northwest Tiki or Fragbox.
  2. just build in a matx case. not much bigger and you have so many more options for cooling and components. itx cases generally run very hot if you throw this kind of hardware inside
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