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GFX card recommendation for Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V

Hey guys,

I am planning on buying the cheap :) GA-B75M-D3V motherboard.
Accompanying it will be a core i5 3450 or 3570 cpu with one stick of 8gb ram.

I would like to confirm now which video cards are compatible with that board before I buy it.
I am not a gamer and it's not for 24/7 gaming needs but I do plan on playing games occasionally (though not too often
and I'm not planning to do any overclocking or buy pricey video cards and put my gfx settings to the maximum on each game).

There's also the option of buying GA-Z77-D3H but it's like twice the price...

I'd love to hear what you think (if there are other motherboard that you can suggest between the B75 and the Z77 I'll be happy to hear..)

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  1. Don't buy 1 stick of 8 GB RAM.. it will not work nicely. Buy two sticks of 4 GB ram instead.

    Basically, all modern PCIe cards are supported by that motherboard. What may limit your choices is small case or bad/low power supply.
  2. Regarding the RAM - that board only has 2 slots so if I buy 2x4Gb I'm going to have to throw them away next time that I want to upgrade, which is why I thought I'll get 8Gb now and in future time I can buy another 8gb stick for upgrading to 16gb.

    Can you recommend a video card up to $60 and up to $100?
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    HD 7750 would be the lowest gaming card I could recommend. Going lower you would only limit yourself to old games.

    Why don't you get a motherboard with 4 RAM slots then? Like GA-B75M-D3H, it's just $5 more expensive. I'm telling you, don't get single ram stick, it will not work properly.
  4. You don't need 4 dimm slots cause 8GB will be more than your ever going to use. Buy a 2x4GB kit. If for some reason you think you'll need 16GB of ram, then buy a 2x8GB kit cause it will never be cheaper than it is right now.

    If your NOT planning to overclock I would recommend a H77 motherboard.
  5. I don't have that B75M-D3H option so I think my next option is GA-H77-DS3H which costs about $50 more.
    I'm ok with going with that if the feedback from you guys is that it's much better and more "future-proof".

    If that's the case I'll also get a 2x4Gb.

    So regarding video card we're talking about the HD 7750? (I see that it says DDR5 on that card, is that compatible with the above MB and RAM? no idea if it's related to the DD3 RAM or not... sorry).
  6. It's not related at all and yes, it is compatible. Which country are you from?
  7. I have that mother board and its cool, equipped with the latest tech (3rd gen support , PCI-E 3.0) and its very cheap I have core i5 3570 with 2 x 4 gb of memory along with sapphire HD 7950 OC.
    The mobo doesn't have a lot of overclocking capabilities but for me its enough as the only thing I overclock using the mobo features is the processor and I was able to get 4.1 Ghz with my core I5 by raising the multiplier through bios and I could go higher. spend your money at something else if you got a limited budged
  8. H77 costs $50 more than B75?? They should be about the same price or H77 slightly cheaper.
  9. @Sunuis from Israel.
    Yeah, the price difference is 369NIS vs 532NIS you can google it up I guess :)

    So I think I'll go for that board, yeah.
  10. So to close with the casing... :)
    This case is kinda cheap and if it serves the purpose I'll go for it:
    CoolerMaster Elite 310 Silver 460W

    I can also add CoolerMaster Long Life Blue LED Silent Fan 120mm
    which is just $10 if it makes any difference...
  11. Don't buy case with a power supply... Buy a separate decent one.
  12. It's doubling the price though...
    But anyway, any suggestions?
  13. Trust me you don't want case with a power supply. It will not be cheaper because you'll have to buy a fire extinguisher with it as well.

    This one is a decent one:
  14. lol :)
    thanks for the direct link!

    So I guess I need a case without a supplier then too...
    How about Antec NSK4000B II? or CoolerMaster Elite 335?
  15. Cooler master one is OK, antec, however, is a minitower and I don't recommend getting that one.
  16. Sunius said:
    Cooler master one is OK, antec, however, is a minitower and I don't recommend getting that one.

    Antec is much better than coolermaster.
  17. I've had a raidmax cheapo case with psu running for about 5yrs now.

    I wouldn't personally recommend using one, but they are not all fire hazards.

    If your on a strict budget it'll work and it comes with a 1yr warranty.
  18. That's a computer case, not a power supply. Out of the two he linked, Antec one isn't really meant for a gaming PC.
  19. First of all, thanks alot everyone! I've finally made the order.
    They don't have the Antec PS in stock so they offered me to take the CoolerMaster Elite Power 460W - since it's in the same price range I figure it's ok too?
  20. No don't! Cooler master sell pretty bad power supplies at that price point! Stick with quality vendors: Corsair, Antec, FSP group (Fortron), Seasonic, XFX.
  21. They don't have any of those vendors on stock (Corsair and the rest they don't have at all...)

    I found available in their stock those;
    Epmire Solid 450W
    Thermaltake Light Power 500W

    Is any of those ok?
  22. No they aren't.. What about these ones?
  23. Thanks Sunios, I'll check tomorrow if any of these are in stock.
    The first two are $35 pricier than our original choice which they don't have in stock. The last one is only a few bucks pricier - should it be ok? (I see that there's 100/150 watts different)
  24. Ok guys, so I just told them to order the Antec one that we chose originally and I'll wati a couple of days till they order it..
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