I7 920 and Crysis 3 - can't pull it off?

I have a I7 920 @ 3.8Ghz and 7970 OCed to 1150\1600 and i'm getting kindly low fps compare to the rest with 7970s.

Playing on Very High\FXAA, Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7. fps is around 40-45fps, often down to 35fps, first mission is about... 30FPS average with ALOT of downs to 25FPS. also, i'm playing on 1680*1050!
*** the rest of the games are fine, pretty good actually.

According to youtube, people with 7970 non-overclocked, 1080P, same in-game settings but I7 2600\3750\3770K\3930\3960 CPUs are getting about 20-15fps more compare to me in some areas. or actually, average is more like 55-60FPS and downs to only 45. I'll give you an example- in the second mission of Crysis 3, when you have to search for cache boxes and runaway from the bombs, my FPS is 35-40fps, when the rest (according to youtube) with 1080p and the same in-game settings seems to get 50-55fps.

Could i7-920 be a dead horse already? I mean... it's functions very good with the rest of the games so far (and I checked it), includes FC3, BF3, Metro and benchmarks, but only Crysis 3, who's using the CryEngine which known as very CPU bond... I don't know.

Any toughts? maybe some I7-920 owners can comment or something?
I'll tell the important details once again-

*** No AA but FXAA (like everyone else I saw using)
*** ress is 1680*1050
*** Driver is 13.2 Beta 7 (latest)
*** No driver profile or any force-settings program in the background
*** Temps\volts are pretty fine, OC is completely stable.

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  1. Check out this thread if your not sure about the CPU.
  2. It's probably the i7-920 starting to bottle neck the HD 7970. Crysis 3 is a very graphically demanding game. And the other i7s you list for comparison are a league or two above your i7-920 when it comes to gaming: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-cpu-review-overclock,3106-5.html

    Keep your system clean of resource wasting crap and registry errors. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
    Go to System Configuration/Start Up and remove the check mark from as many items as you can live without starting with Windows. Everything running in the background steals clock cycles. But don't remove anything if you don't know what it does. Maybe this will help: http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_search.php In the "Command" column of the start up tab, look for the string after the last slash (\). That is what you want to type/paste into the dialog box in the above location.
  3. Look, in generall the i7 920 as on 3.8Ghz+ still won't bottleneck the 7970 in games. the problem happens only on CPU-bond-engines like Crysis, which knows how to use the new cpus features to gather better fps. so, I don't even talk about more cores here, just to compare i7 920 to 3770 (which both has 4\8 cores) and I can still see difference of more 10+ fps as for 3770 (like 45 in i7 920 and 55 in 3770k).

    Anyway, once again, it's not a bottleneck. when playing Crysis 3 the CPU isn't getting near 100% load, but the GPU does. (98-100%).
  4. There's problems with the first level, something to do with the physics on certain objects putting unnecessary load on the CPU. I also got some periods of 25 fps in the first level but after that I monitored my gpu usage and it's 99% of the time at 100%, thereby no cpu bottlenecking. The game is just very demanding.

    I would recommend SMAA X 2 btw, looks much better, similar performance, I try avoid FXAA like the plague, too blurry, textures can look crap.
  5. Also, if you look at the page below you'll see the 7970 paired with a 3960x is still getting max 42. With my overclock I see between 40 - 50 fps during "Welcome To The Jungle".

  6. Update-
    Guys, I did some research with more and more youtube-crysis-3-7970-better-cpu videos, and found out that my fps is actually okay. the strange video is that one:
    this guy has, appearntly, cpu with close perforance to the i7 920, same in-game settings and higher ress but still getting about 55-60fps in this area, which all getting like 40-45fps here, no matter cpu. 'guess this guy is lying about the "very high setting"?

    but anyway, I still didn't check the Min fps subject. due the better cpu, in some situations the rest can get better low fps. in this area in the video, when the bombs are fall on me the fps is down to 35fps, in the videos I could'nt varify that because they avoided the bombs well.

    Also, in the mission "root of all evil" i'm getting about 35fps on the "power defense" tower. does it seems to be famillier with you all? (again, no matter cpu)

  7. Anyone?
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